Andy Knell

Years spent in the creative sector of the recruitment industry gave Andy Knell a solid foundation on which to start his own business as a creative headhunter.

To provide personality and cut-through, an elegant identity was created with an onus on simplicity and prestige.

Take a look:
Andy Knell Andy Knell
Andy Knell Bespoke lettering and simple typography lent his services elegance and prestige.
Andy Knell A sense of humour was nurtured, helping create a unique brand personality.
Andy Knell Icons were designed to take the personality across all visual aspects.
Andy Knell Details such as foil stamped stationery and quality stock helped highlight the premium nature of his business offering.
Andy Knell A large suite of collateral was designed and set.
Andy Knell  
Andy Knell  
Andy Knell  
Andy Knell  

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