Integrated Campaign

Roaming on a mobile has always caused consternation because of the expense and its complexity. Lebara wanted to make their offering easier to understand in order to attract a larger market share as well as to illustrate their brand proposition.

The idea was simplicity in itself, using the active area (Europe) and product category (Roaming) to form a word which is easy to understand in any language or format: Speak to Europe on EUROAM.

Lebara Based on a stamp used for passports, the campaign icon is bold, legible and easy to reproduce. This ‘Passport to Talk’ thought suggest the versatility, convenience and ease of the product, reinforcing the Lebara brand foundations.
Lebara The strip is a simple object to use and can be placed over any text, image or background colour. The whole visual language reinforces the ‘Passport to Talk’ thought and emphasises its uses at home and abroad.
Lebara Simplicity was key in this campaign with all the messaging conversational and friendly, offset in stylised ‘speech bubbles’ using vibrant colours and a ‘travelled’ texture that adds depth.
LebaraThe campaign visual language also had to be flexible enough to be used with and without photography.
Lebara Tailoring the communication had to be easy; this example would be placed at a No.73 bus stop, making the advert relevant whilse maintaining the same core message.
Lebara The messaging content could be altered to illustrate the 'Passport to Talk' proposition.
Lebara Leaving airports, ports etc. the campaign messaging would be the opposite to what is expected to emphasise the ‘roaming’ nature of the product.
Lebara Entering airports, ports etc. messaging again uses the opposite language that would be expected.
Lebara Using the same mechanic as Coffee Shops, the customers are offered a free Top Up for every sixth purchase, with the ‘stamping’ of the Passport (loyalty card) featured on an online portal.
Lebara The website also highlights 'Euroam Guides' to selected European cities: the best places to eat and drink, local secrets etc. Stories of people on their travels in a 'Roughguide' blog format, as well as 'piggyback' promotions with lifestyle brands to create a destination digital space in itself.
LebaraExperiential initiatives such as the sponsoring of European food markets celebrated the different cultures through tastes and flavours, whilst providing a perfect stage to offer free SIM cards and promotional material.
LebaraA variety of tactical items such as travel wallets and destination maps could be created to further push the 'roaming' aspect and help bring the idea to life.

© Neil Thomas

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