Tiger Beer
Far East Market Integrated Campaign

The beer brand wanted to forge a more active relationship with its consumers by sharing its colourful and vibrant origins.

The energy of a bustling asian market provided a rich territory where consumers could look in and experience the brands heritage. Various 'windows' into this world included an interactive website, on-trade kits and off-trade promotional packs.

Tiger Beer An interactive website helped bring to life the hustle and bustle of a market.
Tiger Beer Different areas of the market had their own personality and function.
Tiger Beer The site inspired the user to engage not just with the brand, but with Asian culture as a whole.
Tiger Beer Different experiences around the country helped online communities flourish.
Tiger Beer On-trade kits communicated the vibrancy and energy of the brand.
Hi-Tec Special on-pack Join the Tiger Trail promotions helped off-trade reach a wider audience.

© Neil Thomas

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