Retail Campaign

To help launch their Smart TV products in the retail space, consumers had to be educated as what the offering was, as well as how it could be integrated if they were existing owners of LG televisions.

The three routes simplified the offering and used print, moving image and packaging as communication medias.

LG Route 1: 'Simplicity'    Smart TV = a wealth of channels, apps and websites.
LG The moving image element was screened on-stand, with the packaging helping to educate existing LG television owners that they too could own Smart TV with a simple plug & play box.
Route 1: Animation
LG Red bracket appears on crisp white background.
LG Bracket starts spinning round – an app/web icon quickly fades in with each revolution.
LG The speed of the revolving bracket increases, with app/web icons constantly appearing.
LG After a series of accelerating revolutions the screen is packed full of icons (denoting the scope available), framed by the bracket.
LG The bracket moves right then back to centre, creating a cut to Super.
LG Route 2: 'Connectivity'     A whole world at your control – all through your Smart TV.
Route 2: Animation
LG Open on a well known web/app icon appears on screen
LG As the camera pans out the ‘network’ of red transparent lines starts becoming evident.
LG Continues to pan out and tracks red line where the next content icon is revealed.
LG Panning out and tracking of red lines continues revealing more and more content icons.
LG Eventually the entire network full of content icons is revealed.
LG Tracks red line to end on Super.
LG Route 3: 'Usability'    Smart TV – easy to use, even easier to enjoy.
Route 3: Animation
LG Clean white screen shows a simple graphic of a clock reaching 5.30 – the hand graphic moves into screen and out.
Tracking hands direction (2D graphics but with 3 dimensional movement)
LG Continuing to track the hands direction helps create the journey of the worker returning home – getting on and off a bus...
LG ...through the front door, then into the kitchen... for a cup of tea...
LG ...into the sitting room and the sofa...
LG ...the hand moves towards the LG Smart TV, showing the breadth of content available.
LG Camera tracks hand device revealing Super.

© Neil Thomas

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