Integrated Campaign

Viewed as a cheap and a 'last resort' product, their range of packet sauces was suffering in the marketplace. 

The pitch-winning concepts helped position the range as a key ingredient in every family's kitchen.

Colman's Simple visuals coupled with trustworthy messaging helped position the packet sauce range as a family favourite.
Colman's Items such as an ingredient swatch and weekly menu planner helped secure a place for the packet sauces in every kitchen.
Colman's A second route was based around the natural goodness found in every packet.
Colman's Hessian sacking helped promote the idea of natural goodness across a range of channels.
Colman's The third route explored the idea of making everyones mum a celebrity chef, using imagery of everyday people alongside well known chef phrases.
Colman's The everyday clebrities idea was carried across other communications.

© Neil Thomas

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