Promotional Campaign

An element of fun was needed to add excitement and boost sales in a tired and cautious marketplace.

Originally a pitch win for a Maynards Wine Gums on-pack promotion, the concept grew to incorporate their entire range of confectionary resulting in a full through-the-line campaign.

Maynards The original concept was deliberately tongue-in-cheek and heralded the return the popular 'Lootsman' character.
Maynards The pitch-winning idea was initially showcased on-pack.
MaynardsThe final look and feel was developed with artwork supplied by a commissioned illustrator.
Maynards The creative was originally applied to their Maynards Wine Gums product.
MaynardsBut the campaign proved so successful it was quickly adapted to fit on their entire confectionery range.
Maynards Other media proposals included press, outdoor and digital advertising, on-pack and in-store communications as well as PR events such as dressing the entrance to Carnaby Street.
Maynards Facebook game app and ad banners.
MaynardsTrade and in-store communications.

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